How To Make Your Move Less Stressful On The Family Dog

Moving is a stressful experience for most humans, and it is not any different for your dog. Bathroom accidents in the house, excessive barking, and symptoms of illness are issues that your dog may develop due to the stress of moving. Eliminating strict deadlines as you pack and move will help keep stress levels down for the entire family, humans and furry animals alike. In fact, it's a good idea to tack on a couple of extra weeks to your estimated moving timeline if possible.

The Three Dimensions Of Move Pricing And How You Can Manage Costs By Understanding Them

Moving can be a substantial expense, especially if the move is out-of-state. The average in-state move costs over $1,000, while going across state lines bumps the average price fivefold. However, the good news is that by understanding the three dimensions of move pricing, you can lower your expenses. These three dimensions--weight, space and timing--can be manipulated by homeowners and will help keep costs under control. Below are several practical tips that will help you manage each dimension from a cost perspective:

How To Prep Furniture, Appliances & Vehicles For Long-Term Storage

If you are moving items into long-term self-storage, you don't want to just throw your items in without any prepping. It's important to make sure your items are clean and protected first. Here is how to prep common items for long-term storage so they'll last. Vehicle If you are putting a vehicle in long-term storage, you need to make sure you prep it properly. First, change the oil. You don't want contaminants from old, dirty oil sitting in your car for months.

Self-Storage Solutions For Couponers: 3 Tips For Storing The Toiletry Bargains You've Found

Extreme couponing is the latest craze to hit the U.S., with promises of grocery bill savings up to 90%. Although effective, extreme coupon use almost always come hand-in-hand with buying in bulk, so you'll likely be left with a surplus of products that will take you weeks, if not months, to use – especially if they're toiletry products. Don't let those bargains go to waste with these 3 tips. Keep an Eye Out for Expiry Dates and Ingredients

Protecting Your Assets: 4 Tips on How to Keep & Store Lumber During Renovations

Home improvement projects are on the rise in the U.S., which has created a huge demand for lumber. The increased demand for lumber has skyrocketed the cost of lumber by 30%—from $313 per 1,000 board feet to $400 by the end of 2014. With how much you're paying for lumber, it simply makes no sense to leave any spare materials lying around your property during the construction or renovation period. Instead, you should store unused lumber in climate-controlled self-storage units.