Make Sure You Move Your Piano Right

If you have a piano that you love and you have to move, you may be worried about how you are going to get it from your old house to your new house. If you have to move it, you want to make sure that you are moving it correctly so that it gets to your new house with no damage. 

Gather Your Equipment

Before you do anything, you are going to want to gather all the equipment that you need to have so that it's all right there and handy. You don't want to get part the way through prepping and realize that you are missing something that you need. To move your piano you are going to need to have furniture/moving blankets, moving straps, a small dolly, ramps for any porch stairs, rope, and some sturdy friends. You can get the blankets, straps, dolly, and ramps at a moving truck rental store, they generally have equipment for moves. You should be able to rent the equipment. You are going to have to provide the friends on your own. Make sure none of your friends have any problems that could be exacerbated by heavy lifting. 

Plan and Clear Your Route

Once you have everything ready, plan out the route from your piano to the truck. Once you are sure which way you are going to go, then make sure that you have everything cleared out of that route. Move your furniture, area rugs, any other decorations well out of the way. Give yourself plenty of space, even more than you may think that you need. This would also be the time to put up the ramp on the porch steps, if you only have a few steps that aren't very steep. 

Prepare the Piano

When you are done getting the route taken care of, it's time to start preparing your piano. You will want to make sure that you clean it off and maybe dust it. You will also want to make sure that any casters on the piano are clean so that the piano can move easily. Then you want to close the lid over the keys and either lock it or tape it down with something like masking tape. Then you start wrapping it with the blankets. Check the back to see if there are handles on the back you can use to move the piano. If there are, then make sure that you don't cover them because you are going to want to use those handles. When the blankets are wrapped satisfactorily, then tie the rope around them to hold them on. Gently start moving the piano toward the door. If you don't have casters, you are going to want to lift it up and put it on the dolly now, and then strap it to the dolly. 

If you have a piano that you want to move, then you are going to need to make sure you do it properly. If you have a lot of stairs or steep stairs, or if your piano is very valuable, then you should hire a piano moving service to do the job for you.