3 Tips For Making Your Dog Comfortable While Moving Out-Of-State

If you are preparing to move a long distance that requires you to travel out of state, you may wonder how you can make the trip easier on your dog. If so, use the 

Prepare a Doggy Comfort Care Bag

Before you start packing up everything for the move, you need to make sure you have what you need to take care of your dog while driving to your new home. Along with the necessities, you should also plan on packing a few personal items for your furry friend.

Along with food, bowls, and bottled water, make sure you pack their favorite treats and leash for taking a walk. You may want to include a ball in case you find a rest area with a dog park so they can stretch their legs and play. 

Especially since you do not know what the ordinances will be in areas you are going to be stopping along the way, you should also make sure your dog's color has their license attached. Also, pack their vaccination and veterinarian records, just in case they become sick along the way.

Surround Your Dog with Items They Know

Whether you plan to place your dog in a carrier or allow them to ride in your vehicle unrestrained, your dog will most likely feel more comfortable surrounded by items they know. These items could include their doggy bed and blanket.

You could also place a favorite stuffed animal in the bed with them. If you will not be able to interact with your dog much because you will be driving, placing a shirt you have worn next to them will allow them to smell your scent and help keep them calm.

Try to Stick to a Routine While Moving

If you will be driving for several days, try to stick to some type of routine so that your dog will not become frightened about not eating or having to use the bathroom. If possible, try sticking to their normal schedule as much as possible.

For example, if your dog is used to going on a walk and having dinner in the early evening, try to find a rest area where you can allow them to walk and eat. Also, make sure you stop every two or three hours to give your dog water and a potty break so they are not uncomfortable or have an accident in your car.

Using the above tips can help keep your dog comfortable and better able to cope with the trip to your new home. If you have more questions on helping your dog transition to their new environment once you arrive, contact the long-distance moving company you will be using to find out more about moving with a pet. For more information, visit websites like http://www.movefla.com/.